[Webinar] JAC-US Webinar Course

Japan Alumni Community of U.S. Exchange Programs (JAC-US) would like to invite all USG alumni to its webinar course, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) for Social Impact, which explores the crucial topics related to social impact, including education, gender, immigration, disaster prevention and response, and environment. A certificate of course completion will be given to those who have attended all the webinars. Please contacthttps://jac-us.org/en/contactus/ if you have any questions.

Hour: 1 hour per class (5 hours in total)
Style: Online (Zoom)
Participants: Anyone who is currently or has participated in USG programs in the past
Fee: Free

- topics -
Feb. 26 10:00-11:00(JST) Education
Mar. Gender
Apr. Immigration
May. Disaster Prevention and Response
Jun. Environmental Justice

Japan Alumni Community of U.S. Exchange Programs (JAC-US)はソーシャルインパクトに影響を与える多様性、平等、包括(DEI)に関するオンラインコースの参加者を募集します。扱われる内容は「教育」「ジェンダー」「移民」「防災」「環境」です。全てのコースに参加した方には修了書を用意しています。質問はこちらのリンクで受け付けます。

【コーススタイル】オンライン (Zoom)
【コース参加者】USG プログラムに現在または過去に参加したことのある方