[Webinar Report] DEI Webinar #3

“Revitalize the Japanese economy by rotating foreign workers on a short-term basis.” It is very sad, but the speaker of this DEI webinar, attorney Ms. Masako Suzuki, repeatedly appealed that this is the government's attitude toward foreign nationals coming to Japan.

Currently, there are 3 million foreign nationals in Japan. The term "foreign nationals" itself is very vague, and there are people from many different backgrounds. As for refugees, the recognition rate is 0.7% in Japan. It is well known that the recognition rate in Japan is an order of magnitude lower than that of Germany, Canada, and the U.S., which is approximately 50%. Furthermore, many issues of globalization inside Japan were highlighted, such as the reality of parents and children being separated and intolerance toward foreigners of sexual minorities.

As JAC-US seeks to realize a diverse, equitable and inclusive society, how can we take the initiative to resolve these issues while leveraging our alumni’s connections? It was a valuable hour that gave us much to think about.

Thank you, Ms. Suzuki and everyone who participated.

The theme for the next session in May will be "Disaster Prevention” please stay tuned for our DEI webinar series!